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Regarding Threads on Bitmain and ASIC Resistance (Mega Thread!)

Let’s take a minute to talk about what’s going on. We need to make sure all users are on the same page and the falsifications and assumptions stop.
I'm with you, and I understand that you feel betrayed. However, cleaning up after the constant bickering for those pro-fork and those anti-fork is growing tiresome. It's time we have a civil discussion and talk about facts.

Timeline of events

On 03/31/2018, a user from posted a video on Telegram of a supposed Ethash ASIC. The video made its way to /Ethermining in a thread. It is important to mention that these values can be modified by changing “get_miner_status.cgi” and “minerStatus.cgi” and that there has been no credible evidence that has popped up in the nine days following the release of the supposed leak. Additionally, the following abnormalities should be noted:
Also on 3/31/2018, a user on Russian site noticed that the pre-order for the Bitmain E3 was already up. It was believed to be an April fools joke; needless to say, it wasn’t.
On 04/02/2018, Bitmain launched the E3 and began taking pre-orders for a June delivery. At that time, the price was $800 and promised a hashing power of 180MH/s at 800 watts.
On 04/06/2018, Ethereum core developers decided against hard-forking Ethereum at this time, as they weren't convinced that it would positively impact the community given a hard-fork's disruption and the unknown of how the ASIC worked (specifically if it was programmable). The community became upset over broken promises of ASIC resistance, and this has since spread to a full out finger pointing of who is wrong.
On 04/08/2018, an apparently forged photo showed up showing a higher-hashing ASIC with far less power consumption. This is not only very unlikely, but the link in the photo was gibberish, whereas the E3's link was valid. We're writing that one up as FUD.

The "ASIC Resistance" Argument

At this point, I think that it’s I think it's important that we visit some key points of the Ethereum project. A lot of people have been quoting the whitepaper, calling ETH ASIC-proof and implying that the developers do not care about the problem.
In actuality, Ethereum never promised that it would be ASIC-proof, merely that it would provide an economic incentive to be resistant to the development of an ASIC. I'd like to produce a quote from the Ethereum Wiki, found here.
Ultimately, perfect ASIC resistance is impossible; there are always portions of circuits that are going to be unused by any specific algorithm and that can be trimmed to cut costs in a specialized device. However, what we are looking for is not perfect ASIC resistance but rather economic ASIC resistance.
The problem is that measuring an economy in a secure way is a difficult problem. The most obvious metric that the system has access to is mining difficulty, but mining difficulty also goes up with Moore's law and in the short term with ASIC development, and there is no known way to estimate the impact of Moore's law alone and so the currency cannot know if its difficulty increased by 10x due to better hardware, a larger user volume or a combination of both. Other metrics, such as transaction count, are potentially gameable by entities that want the supply to change in a particular direction (generally, holders want a lower supply, miners want a higher supply).
This is solidified by revisiting the whitepaper, specifically the section which identifies how ASICs will be economically stymied:
This model is untested, and there may be difficulties along the way in avoiding certain clever optimizations when using contract execution as a mining algorithm. However, one notably interesting feature of this algorithm is that it allows anyone to "poison the well", by introducing a large number of contracts into the blockchain specifically designed to stymie certain ASICs. The economic incentives exist for ASIC manufacturers to use such a trick to attack each other. Thus, the solution that we are developing is ultimately an adaptive economic human solution rather than purely a technical one.
So with the Ethereum team providing only an economic reason to not develop an ASIC since the beginning, there has been no lie.

Second batch of E3s will not be profitable with Ethereum

As a response to the developers announcing that they are not initiating a hard fork, Bitmain raised the price of the second batch of E3s to $1800. With a PSU ($105) and shipping costs ($225), plus duty fees ($25). That brings each E3 up to $2,155, or $11.97 per MH.
Comparatively, this is like paying $300 per GPU ($1800) plus Mobo/PSU/risers ($355). I have built rigs with similar hashrates for under $1,900 ($10.50 per MH).
If we speculate that Casper is as close as we think (see below), coupled with the rising difficulty, the second batch of E3s are not likely to break-even with Ethereum as a whole. If ETH rises to its ATH, the second batch units may be profitable. Tis the risk of mining.

Current speculation:

  • ASICs are bad!
    • In the Ethereum mining community, ASICs to be viewed as a formidable commodity, when they should rather be viewed as a tool. Tools are never inherently good or bad, but how they are used can be, and some developers intend for the coin to eventually be used with an ASIC. Some coins, such as Sia, were designed to specifically work with an ASIC. > 51% centralization is bad.
  • Bitmain has a better ASIC.
    • Probably. But this is an unknown. Speculation of an ASIC is not a reason to fork the second largest cryptocurrency.
  • Bitmain will be a cause for centralization
    • Everything should be a concern for centralization. Hell, early miners can be a bigger concern. The principals of economies of scale still apply to mining; so those who started out with a lot of GPUs are heavily mining. I've set up warehouses full of GPUs for clients, so if you think some of the guys here are big shots, I promise you there are larger concerns for the current state of centralization.
    • I will also note that yes, we will need to worry about a mass-manufacturer of just ASICs, especially if they are pumping out > 30,000 units per month at the current rate. But the firm that uncovered Bitmain's ASIC, Susquehannah, claims that there are at least three other ASIC manufacturers out there. This puts some silent competition on Bitmain.
  • Ethereum is not as centralized as Bitcoin
    • You'd think that, and the goal of the whitepaper was for Ethereum to be less centralized as bitcoin. It even mentions that "three mining pools indirectly control roughly 50% of processing power in the Bitcoin network." Ethereum is in this state already. Ethermine controls ~28% of the network hashrate, F2pool has ~17%, and SparkPool has ~15%. Arguably, the Ethereum network is in a more sensitive state.
  • Casper is right around the corner.
    • This has been speculation for some time now. Developers confirmed that testnet should be fully operational by August, meaning that we may be able to expect PoS hybrid by DecembeJanuary assuming everything goes as planned.
  • Dev team does not care about miners
    • In the project's current state, miners are a necessity. Remember that seigniorage must be sinigicant enough for miners to continue mining, otherwise, the network would slow and we'd have another Crypto Kitties incident on our hands. Until Ethereum is PoS, you are valid.
  • Dev team wants to get rid of miners
    • Well, yeah. That's what PoS is about. Ethereum will not be Proof of Work forever and that needs to be appreciated.
  • We should fork ourselves into an ASIC-proof currency
    • Do it! Take some initiative and work up a team, I'll be happy to help and support in any way that I can, including pointing my hashing power your way.

Ethereum decision governance

Right now, large decisions are made by the Ethereum core developers. This last decision to not hard-fork was not well received by the community. It feels to be almost an "electoral college" kind of deal, and that's something that has upset a lot of people. Is this the topic that we need to discuss in more detail?

So what is this thread?

For now, this is going to replace our weekly discussion for a few weeks until everything calms down. The sub is in a volatile state and everyone is slinging FUD at everyone else. We need to clean up and calmly discuss our position on the matter at hand. This means:
  • No more fighting about the ASIC in the comments
  • OUTSIDE OF THIS THREAD, please do not shitpost. Meaning, no more strongly worded threads about how you're out of mining completely because of the ASIC, or how the developers screwed you over because ETH was supposed to be ASIC proof, or how people are whining. I'm deleting threads left and right for people who are just using the sub as an outlet to name call on both sides.
  • As always, constructive threads are welcome, but shitposts are to be confined to this thread, please.

We all have different opinions

I am going to remain neutral on this topic. I mine with both GPUs and ASICs, and I've worked with countless numbers of people who do as well. We need to cooperate as a community instead of tearing each other apart over the issue. Let's think before we post and keep comments constructive.
Happy mining!
  • Rob
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IBM 2880W PSU/Breakout Boards - *NEW* Package deals for T9/S9 & A7

Please see here for IBM 4K PSU packages:
Please see here for GPU rig powering packages with all adapters necessary to run rigs off these PSU's!
The "Get Me Going" Package
(Tell the wife her dryer now runs on 12V and has blinking lights and loud fans) Simply add a C19 cable. - 1x 2880W PSU - 1x Breakout board - 10x 24" PCIe cables
The "Double A (AntmineAvalon)" Package
Enough to power 2x Antminer S9's for as cheap as possible - 1x 2880W PSU - 1x Breakout board - 20x 24" PCIe cables - 1x C19 power cable of choice (see below for stock)
The "Royale With Cheese" Package
(Perfect to run 2x Antminer S9's, mixing and matching lengths for flexibility and value.) - 1x 2880W PSU - 1x Breakout board - 11x 24" PCIe cables - 11x 36" Deluxe PCIe cables - 1x C19 power cable of choice (see below for stock)
The "Pimp Daddy" Package (Add a 50A circuit and go big, with PDU included for clean, simple & safe install) - 3x 2880W PSU - 3x Breakout boards - 1x 40A 4-port PDU with breakers for each circuit - 30x 24" PCIe cables - 30x 36" Deluxe PCIe cables - 3x C19 power cables of choice (see below for stock)
Boards and cables ship from Canada, PSU's ship domestically in the US to save on shipping and any potential duty/taxes at the border.
Individual pricing Note: Bulk pricing is available, please contact me.
Board price - $65 each.
PSU (Refurbished) - IN STOCK. Includes ground shipping within the US.
I can supply PCI cables in two different configurations:
-36" Deluxe, high quality 16awg made in USA- $4.50 each (IN STOCK)
-24" standard 16 AWG cables - $2.50 each (IN STOCK)
C19 to C20 cable (14awg, 1.6M) - $12 each
C19 to NEMA 5-15P cable (14awg, 1.6M) - $12 each
C19 to NEMA 6-20P (12awg, 1.6M) - $12 each
40A continuous-rated PDU (requires 50A circuit): $120
24A continuous-rated PDU (requires 30A circuit): $60
60A 3-Phase Delta current-monitored PDU with remote access: $350
I have started to offer leasing packages for use in approved Data Centre/Co-locations. This can be beneficial for many reasons:
-Less upfront capital required, allowing more to be spent on additional mining hardware which can offset much or all of the cost of the lease
-Limits risk and cost of equipment failure, and associated down time due to failures
-Saves shipping costs for heavy PSU's to and from hosting location for duration of your contract
-No equipment depreciation
-Helps eliminate ownership problems associated with Group Buys, when more than 1 member shares purchase price of PSU to host together
-All maintenance, replacement, shipping, setup, and lost revenue from down-time due to PSU failure is my responsibility
Please contact me for details.
Shipping will be calculated individually, to make sure you are getting the best rate. All prices are in USD. I am willing to accept escrow through OGNasty, and can also do Paypal but buyer will be responsible for covering costs of either services (4% added to paypal, OG charges 1% for escrow).
Each package of PSU, breakout board & 10x PCI cables is approximately 16 lbs.
The BTC address for all non-escrow breakout board orders is here: 1GWQYCv22cAikgTgT1zFuAmsJ9fFqq9TXf I will not PM you asking for payments to any other address, so beware of F1nksy, Fink5y, or whatever scammy names might pop up.
Original Post:
Hi everyone,
I am the official North American distributor of Break-out boards for the IBM 2880W Bladecenter H PSU's, which are 80+ platinum rated (94%+ efficient) Edit: UN-VERIFIED AT THIS POINT and have provision for 22x PCI-E cables. Unlike other server boards, these don't rely on screw-down terminals and bare wires which can get loose and spark causing fire hazards, and limit the exposure of live contacts to surfaces above and below the PSU. Instead these use a double-sided PCI 6 pin cable, which only cost about $0.10 more than the standard PCI-6 to bare wire versions. Also, unlike the DPS-2000BB -which is the next largest server PSU available for miners- these have fans already built-in, so don't need extra work to set up up and deploy.
The PSU's themselves are available on e-bay and elsewhere (I sell them as well), and the boards will be priced at US $70 $65 each (better pricing for bulk purchase, volume structure will be the same as J4bberwock's). Each PSU can handle 2x Antminer S7's, 3x SP20's, 5 Antminer S5's, or 8 Antminer S3's. You won't find better value for power, and there are very few ATX-based PSU's that provide 80+ platinum efficiency (and none for under $200 for even 700-800 watts). Edit: UN-VERIFIED AT THIS POINT Lastly, unlike ATX-based PSU's, these can be run at (and I have found even over) their rated power, as they were designed that way for server use. They do, however, require 240V input. Also, running these over at over 90% load will give you slightly decreased efficiency, and could affect their reliability.
I have personally taken 3x SP20's to settings around 960 watts (at ports, not at wall) each for approximately 2 weeks, and the PSU drew 13.41 amps (@ 235 volts - 3150 watts @ wall). So at absolute full load (or possibly over), these will still hold over 90% efficiency. Very impressive, and I will be testing different fans to reduce sound for home mining (fans on these PSU's are slightly louder & higher pitched than SP20 fans). Sloopy informed me that he ran 11x Antminer S3's on a PSU for a while (over 3,300W DC!), but that is certainly not recommended, and will eventually cause the PSU to fail. It is simply a testament to how tough these PSU's truly are, and that spikes over their rated output shouldn't affect performance.
Here are some pictures:
Feel free to contact the developer of these boards if you have any concerns, he will verify that I am authorized to sell these.;u=206446
Here is the spec sheet with efficiency rating:
Thank you for your time,
J'observe qu'il y a plusieurs Québécois sur se forum. Mon Francais est au niveau primaire mais je peux communiquer sans probleme.
Me gusta mucho aprender español, y tengo un conocimiento muy básico (con traductores). Pruebame, si eres paciente
Here is my PGP key for anyone wishing to send their personal information encrypted:
Code:-----BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK----- Version: GnuPG v2
mQENBFTl/j4BCADw0a0fUisOWh16Yl1/SC8p2vcGoGgV4MwxeaLSoLRdT2437E51 kd5giYj6Ki8ByNTunXBRr01yXplxL1Pp3yTo/GFmNqEm3XwIaq+rRRP6EIKb3U6Y SWSXfeck8J3+HJXrcCEdBA+Hp+ey8Mjg3/eb1ILMld+WKJPPDCQNKK3GJEp7DLtH Rtybq0BCsXou90KxHr37k0MQJY6u6zsM5yl0gpK5dVqZvIOfX+5MGb2hsfilU2cF 9ZJQt72LCwkdcxgRxBGYT6qVZtOoFe5RwI9nxGGRrlsCxG9vAf9sVUxSiY03najM r7qM8hQPGMtn79SLnkkQM4gt7suy3w1SJm6BABEBAAG0G0ZpbmtzeSA8cmZpbmtz NjlAZ21haWwuY29tPokBOQQTAQIAIwUCVOX+PgIbAwcLCQgHAwIBBhUIAgkKCwQW AgMBAh4BAheAAAoJEGhX1pvgBfqVKDEIAJA7ashSYaVUS/HUKB1F2nYEYtf2PlHn EvluHzsrND0XdMkKEI/vavZ4UHfAdFISmFhickLeLwvSI3TotVDtYd7dDkwT3rIs +QJCXMIRDFnyCge7o9DH4HwSWq8tQ+6xsPXBdJANR9kG+RtipatqJv3Yt8wEzYwu ECnkBnpu1rxhMgYGJhgaVNyhAEPKVUPfsFBTEpkQ9YppPFZp99Ahdk8pQoAUBKzQ +++oW7ju3OWBpRluPIWYvYvdfG+d29dAq5iQJBIdm/RCDxw0hidMeOxOqTpi0g55 W+XY5+DrKSnOpHy+LvC0Uss0xGZ0f/pmEDiNuZbJ96ZEL1rYefgfDKO5AQ0EVOX+ PgEIALZgnlkXFcm0jnEY33LWBDkpIihbMM8XAauwi3gS9G/GzqBG+ETq14g2AyW9 6O1TrVFm2Ue/KiT+sl4iekkcRCbjYgkr9eG82l56YazbSRoH84aX3KBx95BMAY96 O2IE52fySYaqj1SBRSgVJSCh1A6Wami/zQhqdND6tk92af4VmSKyR1yWOKqbE/v9 0uPJ+VWA/0CipSUVJS6GZmSfPCeHVTg3YGR2dzRploXl4qrB5leHvOmj2VwW2bzF 6YZKut5uqREJ2euchpyPMg8EMC9QOXPAZxDQMUJAIxTQviShsakGbFd2SrUaKPz/ Sk3Qj1S6ZE9ZgbxMyB9bGMWMa68AEQEAAYkBHwQYAQIACQUCVOX+PgIbDAAKCRBo V9ab4AX6lYqnCACPHiLN8OEyD320N107l2dywIopCBa7ZfTBXPJ5syRuMcyBOXXT 2hZy7YpWr6IrV3foOUNF3rD1ECerj7oYhx7hgkTJe7rM3+mhONZM6beXzgFG+HO3 FCiUz/thif0zkJTAjygmAB1KHNH+0AIcdRsD46N1MsPp5YeN0geF1LE50+4gvtwf W412vGqA5bYwJ8a71Gp8SAR4YWuXKt0FKSp7iCF91pSunbY7VbaqxR0H7LkaKRVZ 9m30OK7Osu396FwYxBIX1UDLMjgfMATYvkzXYvRpPAnStJGmVB/YvcX+9sQeRQE1 BKAtkyAGpzKQZ0TFd94jgevGONQ336QqHF =mRrl -----END PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK-----
I will honour a 10-day return/exchange for PSU's or Boards that are DOA. However, these PSU's are used and although I try to briefly load test them all before sending them out, it is impossible to predict failures. As such, no warranty will be offered beyond what was previously mentioned. If you are looking for more peace of mind, please feel free to source PSU's yourself either new or used.
BitcoinTalk Link to Contact
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Actual, real crypto investments?

We all know, or at least we SHOULD know, that cryptocurrencies are not an investment. Right?
The trouble is, ever since that famous $7 million bitcoin pizza, the crypto world seems to be divided between the early arrival millionaires, the wannabes, and the predators out to scam them.
And there has been a very, very long list of scammers, hasn't there? Many of the names are well known, especially the ones in jail, or heading there.
Trouble is, like a shark in a shoal of fish, they scared many away, especially the get-rich-quick crowd. Its not easy to watch your money evaporate, and the effect on the community as a whole is crippling, as the departing hordes do more damage to the cryptoconomy than the predators ever did.
Over on /asicgroupbuy, we've had our share of disasters. We had one of our own lose over $7k of our money, and then disappear, in shame or guilt. It doesn't really matter which. We were into GAW's scam, though we got out with a profit. We were gobbled up by Moolah, and most recently by Chris's LTCgear scam. We've reached a point where people are saying there's nothing left to invest in.
While cryptos aren't an investment, there are investments in the cryptosphere. Mining being an obvious one... but as we all know, the days of the small miner are well and truly over. The rewards are simply not enough to cover capital and operating costs. Don't believe me? Try it yourself, but be prepared to lose most or all of what you put in. And of course so-called 'cloud' mining is for the most part a massive con. Sure, they may pay out short term... After all, I paid for my ex-GAW Gridseeds thanks to profits from the Cointellect scam before they soured. But the numbers just don't stack up when you look hard.
And yet, we all know there IS money being made in mining. Mostly by those huge, anonymous chinese mines we've all seen pictures and videos of. Noisy, hot, dank hellholes hidden in the jungle with thousands of screaming ASICs and a couple of guys running around 24/7 keeping them going and sleeping on the floor.
But this kind of thing costs millions, and is way out of our league.

Or is it?

Yesterday, I was in town, picking up a batch of (physical, non-crypto) coins someone brought back from Sydney for me. And it was a glorious day, perfect for a leisurely stroll.
I had been looking at the Bitcoin Group's IPO, after seeing that our new Prime Minister has kicked it off with an OnMarket Bookbuilds launch. I even linked the referral on my Facebook page, not that I expect anyone to ever use it. I read the Prospectus (Note: Specifically NOT available to US citizens) and was thinking of investing. So I thought "Why not drop by their office and pick up a paper copy? Makes the form easier to fill out if I decide to buy shares."
Well, I gotta say I was impressed. I met much of the team, had a long chat with Sam, their CEO, and had all my hard questions answered. Ended up borrowing their WiFi to transfer a couple grand over for a small stake, and will likely increase it before the offer closes.
In a nutshell, they're going to ramp up their existing mines in China and Iceland to around 13% of the total BTC hashrate. The Chinese mines are located in remote areas, adjacent to hydro power stations... apparently these stations can't sell their electricity onto the grid, so they've done really good deals to supply cheap power. Current ASICs are Antminer S5's, with a mix of S5's and the coming S7's making up the 50,000+ miners to be installed. They should be generating around $35 million a year, and although they won't be paying dividends, by reinvesting profits their market cap should increase nicely. At least that's the plan.
This is a real company, very open and inviting. They even host the Melbourne Bitcoin Meetups and have a museum and facilities for public use. Here's a pic of Martin in the museum room which has examples of every miner ever built... an impressive collection of mostly black boxes. ;)

Note that this is not an invitation to invest in this particular company!

Apart from the fact that that would be illegal in the US (although there ARE ways for americans to buy in via proxies), this post is not about one company. Rather it is about the fact that real-world opportunities DO exist, and we shouldn't let the 'Wolves and Weasels' (to borrow GoodShibe's description of them) destroy our faith in the crypto world.

Nor is this about BTC.

While Bitcoin Mining is the current most profitable way to mine, that won't necessarily hold true indefinitely. We spoke at length about next year's halving, and although our opinion on the likely outcome differed, they do have plans in place either way. Sam told me he holds significant amounts of altcoins, including Doge, and is not averse to them. While the focus is now purely on BTC, that isn't necessarily graven in stone.

Stay Active, and Keep Your Eye On The Ball!

There are most definitely legitimate opportunities in the cryptosphere. Whether its Dogecoin or Bitcoin or something else. Whether its a public float of a mining company, a new exchange, or some other business, some very smart people are doing a lot of hard work creating value out there.
But you'll never hear about it if you don't listen. Just like we all found out about that pizza long after it was too late to get aboard, if you don't pay attention, you will be sitting on the sidelines wishing you had known about the next big thing. Sure, /dogecoin isn't what it used to be. Neither are any of the other crypto subs. So what? That just makes them easier to keep an eye on, doesn't it? Stay subscribed. Look in regularly. And read (and maybe even upvote and comment in occasionally) all those posts that aren't about the good old days, or silly dog/pinapple pics.
Maybe that way, THESE will become 'the good old days'. Think about that. :)
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Bitmain Antminer S5

I wanted to start mining and I was wondering if the Antminer S5 can still mine more bitcoins than electricity cost? Or is it no longer viable? And if not what is a good miner to start with?
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Can we bring the mining back?

I have been missing the old mining days lately. Everyone, including myself, has moved away from doge mining directly due to unprofitability after AuxPow. What if we had a multipool Doge site that paid out in doge. I know this has been attempted before but I would love to connect my miners to something that auto traded for doge and delivered them to my wallet. Could this bring some Wow back?
Current daily payouts:
Antminer S3 : .0053 bitcoin or 8,153 doge
gridseed blade: .1234 litecoin or 1,542 doge
Antminer S5: .014 bitcoin or 21,538 doge
NOte: I know Pandapool has some functionality but I have had issue connecting, it is limited to scrypt and not a Shibe oriented site.
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What is the Block Cost?

EDIT It seems my power cost estimates are way too high, I hadnt realised just how cheaply some of you guys get your power. So consider calculations below vastly flawed, but the main point remains, it would be best to express the cost per block in BTC if at all possible.
Im a huge bitcoin fan, more of the technology than the currency; but I have a question about the cost per Block:
We all know about the Block Reward; I believe it is currently 25 btc, projected to halve mid 2016. Plus there are the miners fees. However I rarely hear about the Block Cost.
Anyone running a business, trying to make something, sell something, or even gamble, will measure the Costs vs. Reward. The cost of acquiring a customer, the cost of the beer you just sold, etc. This is something that is factored into every decision you make. However, I have rarely/never heard of the Block Cost. Maybe I've been living under a rock, and in all honesty I have not been following crypto closely this past 6 months, but I have rarely seen this discussed except in terms of electricity usage, rather than dollars, or btc.
So; Here is my very basic estimate of the current Block Cost (if i may coin the term) as at 0505 GMT 16/06/2015:
Network Hash Rate: 348,149,825.75 GH/s Network Electricity Usage assuming Antminer S5 (1155 GHs, 590W at the wall): 177,842 kWh/h (maybe, very hard to calculate) Average Electricity Price Worldwide (2011): USD$0.195/kWh Average Electricity in USA (2014): $0.10/kWh Average Electricity in Wenatchee, WA: $0.02/kWh Blocks per Hour (theoretically): 6 Bitcoin Exchange Rate to USD: $237.26
Total cost per 10min Block: 29640 kW
Using World average electricity price: $5,779.8 24.36 btc
Using USA electricity Prices: $2,964 12.4926 btc
Using Wenatchee, WA rates: $$592 2.49 btc
Block Reward: Current Block Reward: 25btc Miners Fee per Block (Previous 24hrs) / 144): 0.103btc Total: 25.103btc
TL;DR: Block Reward: 25.103btc Block Cost: 24.36 btc at world average OR 12.4926 btc at USA average OR 2.49 btc in Wenatchee, WA
Now, we've all known for a while that mining isnt a get rich quick scheme, and I know that the commnty is working on ways to address this from various angles. But I think the Block Cost should be regularly expressed and discussed in btc terms, so we all know what we're talking about. I feel hedging it in Wattage, or even Dollar values, is a way of distancing and diffusing the real cost.
Im not trying to start an argument or anything, Im just curious what people think about this.
PS: Most of my stats came from here, or they are otherwise linked. My apologies if they are incorrect.
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Antminer S5 Fan upgrade PWM

Hi, i just started mining bitcoins (for fun and to see how everything works). So i bough 2 used Antminer S5 for 100$ on ebay. I changed the fans to some cougar 1600 rpm PWM fans; they are slower but i underclock at 250 so the unit don't even hit 55c so i don't really need the big fan. The only problem is about 4 minutes after the units start, they start beeping. They do have a connection and in the miner status says that the units are alive and hashing and it also says the rpm which they say is 1650 rpm. In the kernel log it says error fan 1. But the units are still well ventilated and hashing so what can i do to make it work with the fans i got? These are the fans i installed on them:
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Bitmain Antminer S5 Setup Video Antminer S5 BTC Bitcoin Miner Antminer S5 unboxing video Testing Noise Level of my Modified Bitmain Antminer S5 Bitcoin Miner - Enclosure & Fan Bitcoin Antminer S5

Evolution of Antminer. Antimers have a long history in providing miners in the market. Starting from 2013 by laughing the very first miner (Antminer S1) and succeeding new miners which have an enhanced hash power and efficiency, mainly popularized by the Antminer S9. The Bitmain Antminer S5 Review. The Bitmain Antminer S5 is great in a lot of aspects, but one of the premier selling points of this machine is that it is low in cost, with some second-hand units available for as low as $200. That is a great deal for any Bitcoin miner, let alone one with a good range of features such as the S5. The one thing that all miners almost universally suffer from is ... USB Bitcoin Miners; Bitmain Antminer S5 Review; Bitmain Antminer S7 Review; Dragonmint 16T Review; Halong Mining – Halong Mining is the newest mining hardware company. They have the best miner available. Unfortunately, they already sold out of their first batch but a new batch should be available for sale soon. Bitmain – Bitmain makes the Antminer line of Bitcoin miners. Bitmain is based ... Bitcoin Mining Hardware Comparison Currently, based on (1) price per hash and (2) electrical efficiency the best Bitcoin miner options are: AntMiner S7 4.73 Th/s 0.25 W/Gh 8.8 pounds Yes N/A 0.1645 AntMiner S9 13.5 Th/s 0.098 W/Gh 8.1 pounds Yes N/A 0.3603 Avalon6 3.5 Th/s 0.29 W/Gh 9.5 pounds No N/A 0.1232 Bitmain Tech introduces, second newest version of its Antminer series of Bitcoin miners ... AntMiner S5 - Unboxing Bitcoin Miner Setup with Power Supply. Most Bitcoin miners will need power supplies to run and they can be expensive. Antminer S3 - Bitcoin Mining Setup. It should be pretty easy to setup your Bitcoin miner. How to Setup a Raspberry Pi 2 Bitcoin Mining Rig w/ Bitmain AntMiner U3. Bitcoin Mining Hardware Comparison . Currently, based on (1) price per hash and (2 ...

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Bitmain Antminer S5 Setup Video

This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue My Antminer S5 Bitcoin mining machine was purchased in May, 2015. Asic Antminer S9 mine nicehash pool-Bitcoin mining nicehash profit - antminer setup-mine btc 14 THs - Duration: 4:04. Cuban Hacker 20,516 views Unboxing & Setup Power Supply & BitMain AntMiner S5 - BitCoin - Duration: 7:45. Titan Group 134,126 views. 7:45 . Bitcoin Antminer S1. Choosing the correct power supply, setup and operation ... Bitmain Antminer - Bitcoin Miner - Scythe Fan - Scythe Fan - The Paul79UF YouTube channel is a participant in the Amazon ...